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The Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Derived within the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the Himalayan foothills, lies the salt crystals. These pink crystals date back millions of years to the prehistoric era when it was deposited into a lagoon. Now, we use the salt crystals for many everyday needs, such as for food preparation. However, here at Sanctuary Skin, we offer a special massage treatment with these promising pink crystals.

The crystals can take on many shapes, but for a massage, it is a flat stone. These Himalayan salt stones are heated and used to manipulate the muscles within the body. The salt is absorbed within the body, allowing it to captivate its healing benefits.

Although massages offer many benefits, this particular method offers a unique set of benefits within its sessions. It has been found that these stones promote healthy blood sugar, help reduce blood pressure, improves circulation, supports the respiratory system, and assist in the reduction of anxiety. On top of that, the salt is made up of 84 natural minerals that the body can absorb and use. The salt also has the ability to release negative ions into the air, which is excellent for the mind and spirit. Additionally, the stone gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it naturally smooth and silky, which can help reduce signs of aging.

Here at Sanctuary Skin, we can offer you the treatment of a lifetime with these captivating stones. Schedule a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and experience all these benefits for yourself!


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