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Beta Gel

Beta Gel

Beta Gel is a DMK signature formula designed to address reactive, irritated, or traumatized skin. The formulation contains Beta-Glucan, a stimulator of the Langerhans cells which initiate the immune and reparative functions of the skin. Thus, making Beta Gel an excellent aid in the treatment of traumatized skin, abrasions, damage and trauma, burns, oxidative stress, premature aging, acne, rosacea, immunocompromised individuals, smokers, eczema/psoriasis, or any red and inflamed or irritated skin.


Key ingredients

  • „Betaglucan: Protects and repairs the immune function and stimulates Langerhans cells to reduce swelling, redness and inflammation and promotes healing.

  • „Witch Hazel: Soothes and relieves the pain of irritated or inflamed conditions.

  • „Palmitoyl Oligopeptide (Pal-GHK): Stimulates the skin matrix replenishment, leading, to wrinkle reduction, skin firming and other benefits.

  • Turmeric Extract: Boosts immune responses in the skin. Antioxidants – Softens rough and scaly skin whilst fighting free radical damage.

  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: A stabilized source of vitamin C which helps to strengthen and repair the skin, whilst inhibiting Tyrosinase (an enzyme that produces melanin and other pigments in the skin).

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