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Red Vein

Red Vein

A cream that acts as a vasodilator to increase blood flow. It contains inhibitors that reduce the appearance of spider veins, redness, and dark circles. Help strengthen capillary walls and supports the skin barrier functions.  Uses natural preservatives that are microbiome-friendly.


Key Ingredients:

  • „Oleic Acid: A herbal lipid and fatty acid. Essential fatty acids repair the membranes of the damaged blood vessels.

  • „Soybean (Glycine Soja) Oil: Contains the eight essential amino acids which are the building blocks of healthy blood vessels.

  • „Wheat Germ Oil: A natural protein oil containing, ceramides and squalene. Squalene is one of the NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) found in the skin which acts as a supreme tissue strengthener.

  • Niacin: A vasodilator which widens blood vessels. Also contains Nicotinic Acid, a Vitamin B that aids in tissue oxygenation, restoring blood flow and oxygenation through the blood vessels.

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